Photography website

A few months ago, I started a space for my photography. I never put together a proper website for it, leaving the default apache directory listings in place. I have since decided to change that with a Python script. My requirements for version 1.0 are simple:

  • Webpage with thumbnails must adapt to different display sizes for Desktops, tablets, and phones.
  • Thumbnails must be clickable to full image
  • Thumbnails should have limited exif data and filename
  • Full image should have additional exif data.

The webpage being able to adapt to different display sizes was simple. A little CSS and floating divs did the trick. Generating the thumbnail images was fairly easy as well. They are generated on the fly when the script is called, and only if the image does not have a thumbnail already. The thumbnails being linked to the full size image is also easy to do. My current task is to extract the exif data to be displayed with each image or thumbnail.

That is all for now. I will be posting the code and another blog post when I am finished and the site is live. As for now, feel free to browse through the pictures I have posted.



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