Learning Scapy Pt. 1

I recently started learning Scapy and this is the start of my adventure using it. All the code is up on GitHub. This will be the first of several parts I write.

My first program was to create a simple DNS program. I started with the example given in the Scapy Documentation.

ans = sr1(IP(dst="")/UDP(sport=RandShort(), dport=53)/DNS(rd=1,qd=DNSQR(qname="secdev.org",qtype="A")))

I was not a fan of the verbose output of the command, and learned that appending verbose=0 to the end quieted the output. My code than read:

ans = sr1(IP(dst="")/UDP(sport=RandShort(), dport=53)/DNS(rd=1,qd=DNSQR(qname="secdev.org",qtype="A")), verbose=0)

I then asked what if I wanted to change the domain name I wanted to look up? What about getting an IPv6 address or an IPv4 address? So I put the code I've written into a function called get_IPwith the function variables hostname and record. I also changed the query code so that the qname=hostname and qtype=record. I then created a function for argparse so I can easily get arguments from the command line. I set one argument for the hostname, then two optional flags for IPv4 and IPv6. Both are allowd to get both addresses for a hostname. I could then call the get_IP function and have it return the IPv4 or IPv6 address, depending on the IPv4 or IPv6 flag.

Once that was working, I realized I should specify a way to set the DNS server address -- what if someone wanted to use a local DNS server for any reason? So, I again modified the get_IP and argparse options to allow a user to set a DNS server. I also added the fact that if a DNS server was not specified, it would default to Google's server.

Other than that, I did a refactor (I originally had poorly written code everywhere), and added a check to make sure the user ran the command as root. Any feedback either here in the comments, by email. Any contributions are welcome to the GitHub repository.



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